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বিতরণ পরিকল্পনা

Distribution Planning:


For the development of distribution system in the urban areas, BPDB takes different Town Distribution Projects. Before taking any Town Distribution Project, a study is conducted to asses different types of works required for the development. Similarly Rural Electrification Board develops distribution system in the rural areas through different Rural Electrification Program.


The objective of distribution planning is to assure that the growing demand for electricity in terms of increasing growth rate and high load density, can be satisfied in an optimum way.


Distribution planning starts at customer level. The demand, type, load factor and customer load characteristics dictate the type of distribution system required. The most important considerations for short term planning are:


  • Minimizing the cost of laterals, feeders, sub-transmission systems, substations, equipment required for control and protection and cost of losses while respecting the limits set by permissible voltage values, voltage dips and flicker
  • Maintaining service continuity, reliability and security of the system
  • Taking into account factors like transformer impedance, insulation levels, availability of spare transformers and mobile substations, dispatch of generation and rates that are charged to customers



                 Distribution lines through a country-side of Bangladesh 

For long term planning, the factors that are to be considered are:


  • The timing, location and type of energy demand
  • The duration and frequency of outage of equipment
  • Labor and money
  • Increasing fuel costs
  • Increasing or decreasing prices of alternative energy sources
  • Changing socio-economic conditions
  • Regulations of Federal and State governments

Distribution planning involves various activities like load forecasting (type, location and amount), electrical and mechanical design, economic and other considerations in planning. Automation has also become important in distribution planning.